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Life: in the Everyday

Helping Followers of Jesus Live
the Everyday Life in a Broken World

"People have enough to live,

but nothing to live for;

they have the means

but no meaning."

Victor Frankl

Everyday life: it's tough, full of difficulties & challenges, and often mundane.


If this is your reality . . .

Welcome. You're not alone!


So how do we, as followers of Jesus, experience the life of Jesus in our everyday? And how do we invite others into this journey?


Together, we need to explore how the Gospel relates to our

Life: in the Everyday

Unpacking the Entire Biblical Narrative . . .

and its compelling hope for the everyday life.


Hi there

My name is Johannes Price.


I'm a Follower of Jesus, exploring what it means to be a disciple & how to live the everyday life.

I hope you'll join me

on the journey!

Feel free to connect below;

I'd love to hear from you. 



I hope you've found this site helpful, practical & even intriguing.


I'd love to speak at your event / church / youth group to share these insights with a wider audience.

So, let's talk . . .


Join me as I explore the biblical narrative & unpack how it all relates to our everyday life as disciples of Jesus.

It's a thrilling journey!


I'm a life coach, and would absolutely love to work with you to help you understand . . .

1) What your aspirations are; &

2) How you are going to reach them.

Coaching has changed my life & I'd love to share that experience with you!


Let's Connect!

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