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Life: the Big Story

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Life, well . . . it's complicated. And confusing.

How do we make sense of it all? Life. Death. Origin. Destiny. Meaning. God. Evil. Suffering.

Hope. Love. Doesn't everything seem somewhat disconnected?


But it doesn't have to be that way. Clarity does exist . . . in a single Story. It integrates everything, bringing all our sub-stories into focus. It provides the context for understanding all the complexities of life.

One Grand Meta-Narrative.

It's God's Story: Creation. Fall. Redemption. Restoration. Without this overarching Story, nothing makes any ultimate sense. With it, everything has meaning. Everyone has value.

You see, we were created. By Somebody, as a deliberate act. Therefore, we have a purpose; life has meaning. We are not insignificant. We're important. Valued. Special. It's who we are, a part of being human.

That's the Story: confirming our deepest intuition, that life has significance. Yes. God is good. And life is good! It's not just an accident . . .

But what about all the evil, suffering, pain & death? Surely that's not good . . . right?


That's chapter Two: Man. Woman. Temptation. Disobedience. Sin. And its consequences . . . Separation. Pain. Suffering. Struggle. Death.

Yea. It's bad. Really bad. And just to think, it was so good . . . In fact, God said, It was very good. And, now . . . this. So, what now? Are we doomed forever? Banished from the fullness of beauty, goodness and perfect unity for Eternity? I mean, there's no way back. Right?

Right! And there's nothing we can do about it . . .

But wait, that's not the end of the Story. We're only at chapter Two!

Remember, God recognizes that this is not good!

But here's the problem: Sin. And it's penalty: Death. Everybody has broken God's rules. Nobody is perfect. That includes you. And that includes me. Not one individual is excluded. That means being separated from Our Perfect Creator (Who made everything very good) for eternity!

Definitely not good!

So why doesn't God just pardon sin and reinstate the Garden of Eden? Justice. He's Just. That's why. No matter how much God loves you, He cannot just turn a blind eye to sin. Not any wrongdoing. I mean, you want God to be fair don't you? We'd all like God to punish people like Hitler. Right? But remember, we too have broken God's law.

So how does it work? How can God express bountiful love and perfect justice at the same time?

Glad you asked.

God left heaven's glory, and became a man. And then He died. For you. And for me. You see, He was perfect. He broke no laws. He was sinless. He deserved to live, not die! And yet He did it, for us. So we wouldn't have to die and spend eternity separated from God.


That's a real friend! And that's love . . . and justice, working together in perfect harmony. This is chapter Three. This is Redemption. Available to all who believe this Story, and place their faith, trust and hope in Jesus – the epicenter of this compelling narrative: Our Saviour. Redeemer. Friend.

Remember, though, it's not free! No. It required death! But for you, it is free! Because the price has already been paid, the ransom given, justice fulfilled – when Jesus died on the Cross! We do not have to die. We do not have to be separated from God for eternity.


But . . . there's still evil. And pain. Suffering. And death. Now.

But here's the thing: it's not always going to be this way! There is a final chapter, Restoration.

At some point in the future, He will punish evil, eliminate suffering and destroy death – and those who have placed their trust and hope in Jesus will forever be with Him, never separated again! There will be a new heavens, and a new earth. No tears. No pain. No suffering. No death. It's almost like we've come back to the Garden of Eden. We've done a full circle.

So, that's the Story. The One Overarching Narrative that unifies all the seemingly unrelated and disconnect 'bits' of life and makes sense of it all!

Admittedly, this has probably created a host of questions. And that's fine. It's great to ask questions. I hope to get to some of them.

So, join me as I continue to explore the biblical narrative . . .

And its compelling hope for the everyday life!


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